gymmersive projection solutions

Taking your VR training to the next level, with no restraints or headset! Projected worlds built-in to your studio or existing space.

Scale To Your room or slot alongside your machines

An evolution of fitness training in full immersion where a virtual, interactive world is projected around your workout.

Affordable, accessible out-of-headset immersion.

immersive gym room engagement

Increased focus

Cycle like it’s real life. Surround yourself in a motion-controlled, dynamic immersive environment

Cognition immersive gym rooms (2)

Reduced boredom

An ever changing scenary keeps the mind off the physical training whilst keeping all the benefits of physical training

gamified immersive gym projection

Gamified work outs

Train by yourself or compete with leader boards from around the world, make workouts easier, more engaging with trackable progress

immersive virtual gym rooms

Always ready

Install it once & it is as simple as turning on a TV, start pedalling/machine motion & the display auto-syncs to your chosen environment.

Looking to gymmerse multiple spaces, rooms, locations or machines? Ask us about business integration & plans or tell us about your workout space.

Workouts Designed To Work For everyBODY

With a huge array of features, immersive projections deliver brand-new opportunities to athletes, clubs, individuals, fitness studios & even the home.

Customise Programs, Games & Flows

VR-READY Display


Lead the charge

Training environments, built to engage & deliver an experience to your people.

Give your clients, team or yourself the opportunity to find spatial presence, flow & focus to reduce mental fatigue & learn courses, routines or circuits with custom workouts.

HIIT Training

Feed your body with high-intensity workouts with interactive games. Produce results & trackable metrics.


Sometimes it’s hard to escape our surroundings, instead project yourself a world away & enable yoga, meditation, tai-chi & more.


Whilst you cycle, row, run or cross-train. You could be planning your next adventure in full 360°.

Class Sessions

Be it spinning, Zumba, yoga or circuits. Mind-your-mind out of the norm by integrating one of our projection kits & pioneering virtual technology.

Individual Focus

Got some gains to focus on? Individuals can be immersed to engage in their own world or custom routine, without gym-like distractions.

Interchangeable Machines

Hyperspaces aren’t limited. They’re open-ended systems built to work with a vast range of equipment & compatible software.

Start your gymmmersive journey today