Gymmerse Immersive Training Arenas. The world’s first gym-ready projection environment.

Break-free from workout boredom

Take your room or studio & integrate the gymmerse projection system & lead the way by enabling your space ready for virtual workouts

Hyper Immersive Gym Rooms

With our low-cost system, you can adapt any available space, room or wall to become an immersive display with our full support in set-up & integration.

Flexible Immersion

Whilst 1 session may be focused on a virtual boxing game, the next could see users time trials competing for prizes. The most flexible machine in your armoury is an immersive toolbox.

Single or Multi-user

Immersion delivers sensory engagement. It’s not just about physical work but keeping the brain engaged too- whether you have 1 player or a group of explorers- where is your workout going?

Evolved Workouts

Workouts require work. If we engage the brain with virtual technologies we enable immersive fitness to take the edge-off to create unlimited workouts that can be experienced, enjoyed & continually evolve with your needs.


The main reason people don’t work out OR work out enough is boredom. It’s motivational issues that boredom correlates to. Hard work, focused gains, made easy through hyper-immersive engagement.


With intervals or high-intensity periods you can keep your body actively engaged by varying rests & repetitions.

Unlimited customisation with your ideas

Repetition is key, but switching up your routine with immersion is an empowering & refreshing way to revitalise your rhythm & mind.


Trying a new exercise, environment or activity to vary your routine is a great way to invigorate your routine.


Immersion helps create & establish new goals in new ways, with even, new networks of communities & leader boards.

immersive workout fitness projection virtual bike integration

Engage mind & matter

Ask our experienced team about a custom installation, a gymmerse trial or the huge variety of growing content options in one of the fastest growing fields. Custom or existing VR applications are ready-made, whilst existing applications can also be utilised across your immersive display to maximise the flexibility of your space.

There is unlimited content options for you to choose from allowing your audience to explore, map routes, gamify a workout or simulate real-world circuits. And, we’ll help you hook-up your content at no extra-cost.

gymmerse is

the immersive, engaging way to workout- in groups or in your zone.

Connect your machines. Connect your locations. Create or purchase workout games. Explore whilst you workout. VR-ready.